Local Events in Sidmouth & East Devon

Bedford Hotel's guide to the best local events in 2024

Welcome to Bedford Hotel’s snapshot of the best local events in 2024. From literary weekends to air shows, we’ve got the lowdown on Budleigh Literary Spring Weekend, Devon County Show, Sidmouth Jazz and Blues Festival, and more. Dive into the heart of Sidmouth and East Devon’s action-packed calendar and make the most of the year’s cultural and entertaining highlights.


Budleigh Literary Spring Weekend

(1st – 2nd March)


Immerse yourself in a celebration of literature at the Budleigh Literary Spring Weekend. From captivating book discussions to inspiring author talks, this event promises a literary feast for book enthusiasts, set against the charming backdrop of Budleigh Salterton.


Devon County Show

(16th – 18th May)


Experience the vibrant spirit of Devon’s agricultural and rural life at the Devon County Show. With livestock competitions, thrilling entertainment, and hundreds of local businesses showcasing their food, drink, crafts and products, this event is a delightful celebration of the region’s rich farming heritage.


Sidmouth Jazz and Blues Festival

(23rd – 27th May)


Let the sounds of jazz and blues fill the air as Sidmouth comes alive with the rhythm of the Jazz and Blues Festival. A musical extravaganza featuring talented performers, this event is a must for those who appreciate the soul-stirring tunes of these genres


Sidmouth Sea Fest

(17th -18th May)


Dive into the maritime charm of Sidmouth Sea Fest, where the coastal community comes together to celebrate everything sea-related. With a focus on promoting environmental awareness and driving awareness for the beauty of East Devon’s marine and coastal environment, this festival offers a delightful experience for all ages.


Mid Devon Show

(27th July)


Join the Mid Devon community in a day of fun and festivities at the Mid Devon Show. With brilliant displays, family-friendly entertainment, delicious local food and drink, live music and a showcase of local crafts, this event is a true celebration of all things Devon. 


Honiton Show

(1st August)


The Honiton Show invites you to experience the heart of East Devon’s agricultural scene. Featuring livestock exhibitions, equestrian events, and a lively atmosphere, this show is a testament to the region’s farming prowess.


Sidmouth Folk Festival

(2nd – 9th August)


Celebrate the rich tapestry of folk traditions at the Sidmouth Folk Festival. With a week-long program of music, dance, and workshops, this event attracts performers and enthusiasts from around the world, creating a lively and inclusive atmosphere.


Sidmouth Air Show

(25th August)


Look to the skies for the Sidmouth Air Show, where thrilling aerial displays will captivate audiences of all ages. Enjoy the spectacle as skilled pilots showcase their aerobatic skills against the scenic coastal backdrop.


Taste East Devon



A 16-day food festival like no other. Join East Devon’s renowned producers, chefs and restaurants and they showcase the true tastes of East Devon. From farm feasts and brewery open days to seafood-tasting experiences, BBQs and parties. 


Budleigh Literary Festival

(18th – 22nd September)


Continue your literary exploration at the leading South West book festival, Budleigh Literary Festival. This multi-day event features renowned authors, engaging discussions, and a literary ambience that will delight book lovers and aspiring writers alike.


Sidmouth Vintage Car Show

(21st September)


Step back in time at the Sidmouth Vintage Car Show, where classic automobiles steal the spotlight. An event for car enthusiasts and those nostalgic for the elegance of bygone eras.


Sidmouth Science Festival

(4th – 13th October)


Ignite your curiosity at the Sidmouth Science Festival, a captivating blend of interactive exhibits, workshops, and talks. Explore the wonders of science and technology in a family-friendly environment.


Ottery Tar Barrels

(5th November)


Experience the unique and fiery tradition of the Ottery Tar Barrels. Witness the spectacle as locals carry flaming barrels through the streets, creating a thrilling and unforgettable atmosphere in this centuries-old event.

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