A Guide to Visiting Sidmouth


As the days grow shorter and the crispness of autumn fills the air, the charming coastal town of Sidmouth is the perfect spot to explore. Sidmouth, known for its stunning beach, brilliant access to the Jurassic Coast walking paths, historic treasures, and vibrant gardens, transforms into a serene and inviting destination during this season.

In this blog, we’ll showcase the top attractions, coastal walks, and seasonal activities that make this seaside gem the perfect choice for your autumn escape.


1. Sidmouth Beach

You can’t beat the crisp sea air, peaceful shores, and stunning scenery of Sidmouth Beach. It really is an ideal spot for autumnal walks and relaxing moments. The beach retains its beauty, even as the weather cools, inviting visitors to enjoy the tranquil charm of this picturesque coastal town.


2. Jacob’s Ladder

Sidmouth’s iconic landmark. With its distinctive zigzag steps leading to a beautiful beach, it’s perfect for an autumnal coastal adventure. The views from the top are breathtaking, and the steps themselves offer an exciting way to access the shore. A must-visit location this autumn and winter.


3. Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary 

Despite the colder weather, the Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary always provides a heartwarming experience and the friendly rescue donkeys are always ready to greet visitors. Explore the scenic grounds, learn about their stories, and enjoy a bite to eat in their award-winning restaurant. 


4. Coastal Walks 

The fresh cold air, vibrant autumn foliage, and dramatic seascapes create some of the most breathtaking views along the Jurassic Coast during the colder months. Here in Sidmouth, we are located at the heart of the trails, as well as being in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The perfect place to start and finish your coastal path adventure. Discover our favourite local walks here.


5. Stuart Line Cruises 

The transition into the colder months doesn’t mean the boat trips stop! In fact, at this time of year, the River Exe becomes a haven for wildlife, with so many beautiful sights to see. So, jump aboard a Stuart Line Cruiser for a Guided Bird Watching Cruise, a Winter River Exe Cruise, or a Festive Special, as well as many other unique and individual events. 


6. Local Art Galleries 

Looking to add a cultural dimension to your visit? Hoping between our local art galleries is a must. They showcase a rich tapestry of artwork. From vibrant landscapes to intricate sculptures, you can appreciate the creative spirit of the community. It’s a wonderful way to experience Sidmouth’s artistic side when the weather isn’t looking so bright. Some of our favourites include; Azure, Dave’s Art Gallery, Ludgate Gallery and Coombe Street Gallery. 


7. Connaught Gardens 

Connaught Gardens, even in the Autumn, remains a serene oasis in Sidmouth. The gardens take on a different charm with autumn foliage and seasonal blooms. It’s an ideal time to enjoy a leisurely stroll, relax on benches, and appreciate the natural beauty that thrives within this peaceful haven. Don’t miss this tranquil spot during your Sidmouth visit.


8. Shopping

Explore the charming boutiques and gift shops that line the town’s streets. Find unique treasures, local crafts, and cosy winter essentials. With festive decorations beginning to appear, it’s a great time to discover special Christmas gifts and souvenirs, adding a touch of Sidmouth to your shopping bag. Two of our favourite places you must visit are Liberty Belle and Velvet and Parade. 


9. Festive Activities 

Over the next few months, there are so many festive activities happening in Sidmouth and the surrounding area. From the Exeter Christmas Markets to the mesmerising Sidmouth Christmas lights, the festive spirit of Devon awaits you. Check out our blog here for a full list of local events.

10. Eat and Drink with us at the Bedford Hotel

Nestled along the stunning coastline of Sidmouth, our Pynes Bar and Restaurant is the perfect pitstop for a quick drink and bar snack, afternoon coffee and cake or evening meal. Whether it’s a blustery day or a sunny afternoon, the sea-view dining area is the perfect place to sit back and relax whilst enjoying the beautiful views of Sidmouth Beach. From locally sourced seafood to traditional British classics, there is something for everyone on our ever changing seasonal menu.


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