The Valley of a Million Bulbs

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Explore the beauty of The Valley of a Million Bulbs, Sidmouth 

Nestled amidst the charming landscapes of Sidmouth, lies a hidden gem known as the Valley of a Million Bulbs. Stretching across acres of rolling hills, the Valley of a Million Bulbs in Sidmouth is a sight to behold, especially during the spring when the landscape erupts into a sea of beautiful colours. From daffodils and bluebells to snowdrops and crocuses, the blooming flowers create a sensory feast for all visitors.

The Valley of a Million Bulbs: How did it start?

Who was Keith Owen?

Keith Owen, born in Devon and a former resident of Totnes, led a remarkable life that took him around the world. After retiring from his career in the RAF, he spent much of his retirement travelling, often visiting Sidmouth to see his mother. In 2007, during one such visit, he received devastating news—he was terminally ill with only months left to live. In a remarkable act of generosity, he contacted the Sid Vale Association and placed his retirement fund in their care, with the instruction that they should ‘think big! Plant a million bulbs – get everyone involved’. He wanted his money to be used to help the people of the Sid Valley.

Why Sidmouth?

Keith’s love for Sidmouth stemmed from its timeless charm and the sense that it reflected England as it ‘used to be’. He asked the Sid Vale Association to use the funds to support local projects that would bring the community together and sustain the ambiance of Sidmouth and its surrounding areas. This led to the creation of the Valley of a Million Bulbs event, a testament to Keith’s enduring legacy.

The Valley of a Million Bulbs: A Community Effort

In the autumn months, schools, community groups, and volunteers from all walks of life come together to plant bulbs throughout Sidmouth. The project, organised annually by the Sid Vale Association, blankets the town in beautiful, colourful flowers once the weather warms. Our favourite places to see the bulbs as they flower are at Peak Hill and the Byes.

The Valley of a Million Bulbs: Planning Your Visit

When visiting Sidmouth to witness the breathtaking beauty of the Valley of a Million Bulbs, consider exploring other attractions the town has to offer. Take a stroll along the South West Coast Path, visit the iconic Sidmouth Beach, or enjoy a leisurely afternoon at the Sidmouth Museum, which offers insights into the town’s rich history and heritage.

Don’t forget to check out the maps of where the bulbs have been planted, available online at the Sid Vale Association’s website, to make the most of your visit and ensure you don’t miss any of the spectacular displays.

The Valley of a Million Bulbs: Preserving Nature’s Beauty

As you wander through the Valley of a Million Bulbs and explore the wonders of Sidmouth, remember to tread lightly and respect the natural environment. Together, we can preserve the beauty of this special place for generations to come.

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