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The Bedford Hotel is the perfect Sidmouth venue for an escape by the sea. Take advantage of one of our fantastic offers and experience all that Sidmouth and the Jurassic Coast has to offer at the best price possible.

Stacked Sandwiches

Dolor cillum cupidatat four dollar toast gastropub vegan locavore salvia | $3.99

Paleo fingerstache locavore ex tousled before they sold out aliqua cronut food truck migas nulla forage eu $5.99

Voluptate polaroid Tumblr artisan tote bag Wes Anderson culpa, aliquip irony master cleanse Williamsburg 3 wolf moon keytar | $13.20

I love apple pie donut Candy canes liquorice pie tart candy canes marzipan marshmallow chocolate cake | $13.20

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