Our top 10 walks on dartmoor

From the Haytor Circular Walk to the Tavy Cleave and Ger Tor trek.

Situated in Devon, Dartmoor National Park features rugged terrain, open moorland, granite tors, and ancient woodlands. Home to Dartmoor ponies and diverse wildlife, the park invites outdoor enthusiasts to explore its trails.

In this blog, we will showcase our top ten favourite walks, including the Haytor Circular Walk and the Tavy Cleave and Ger Tor trek.

For all of the walks highlighted below, Sturdy footwear and appropriate clothing is recommended due to the varied terrain.

Haytor Circular Walk

The Haytor Circular Walk offers a four-mile trek through Dartmoor’s diverse landscapes, beginning at the well-known landmark, Haytor. It’s particularly impressive during the Spring when Bluebells are in an abundance.

The route takes hikers through open moorland and wooded valleys, providing a mix of challenging terrain. Dartmoor ponies are a common sight, and the trail passes by ancient stone rows, showcasing the region’s historical significance.

The summit of Haytor provides expansive views, making it a focal point of the walk.

Princetown to South Hessary Tor

The Princetown to South Hessary Tor walk spans approximately 2 miles, commencing in the historic town of Princetown.

The route leads hikers through a mix of open moorland, passing by the infamous Dartmoor Prison (we would recommend visiting the museum if you have time)!

The walk culminates at the summit of South Hessary Tor, a granite outcrop offering panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. South Hessary Tor’s exposed location provides an excellent vantage point for those interested in capturing scenic photographs.


Bellever Forest and Clapper Bridge:

The Bellever Forest and Clapper Bridge walk is a scenic route covering approximately 3 miles, starting near Postbridge.

Hikers traverse through the enchanting Bellever Forest, characterised by diverse flora and fauna. The path leads to the ancient Clapper Bridge over the East Dart River, a notable example of mediaeval bridge construction.

The surrounding area features prehistoric hut circles, adding a touch of historical intrigue to the journey.

    Black-a-Tor Copse and the Taw River:

    The Black-a-Tor Copse and Taw River walk covers approximately 6 miles, starting at Meldon Reservoir.

    The route follows the course of the Taw River (a great river for fishing) through the serene Black-a-Tor Copse, a location known for its tranquil atmosphere and rich biodiversity. Meldon Reservoir, along the way, provides opportunities for birdwatching, especially during migration seasons.

    The terrain varies from reservoir paths to riverside trails.

    Fingle Bridge and Castle Drogo Circular

    The Fingle Bridge and Castle Drogo Circular walk covers approximately 7 miles, starting at the picturesque Fingle Bridge.

    The route takes hikers through the Teign Gorge, showcasing the stunning woodland scenery and offering occasional glimpses of the River Teign. The walk provides an opportunity to explore the charming Fingle Bridge and its riverside surroundings.

    Continuing on, the trail leads to Castle Drogo, the last castle to be built in England, designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens.

    Wistman’s Wood and Longaford Tor:

    The Wistman’s Wood and Longaford Tor walk spans approximately 5 miles, starting at Two Bridges.

    The trail leads hikers through the mystical Wistman’s Wood, known for its ancient oaks and moss-covered boulders. The route then ascends to the granite outcrop of Longaford Tor, providing panoramic views of Dartmoor’s rugged landscapes (a great vantage point for sunrise or sunset photography).

    The path varies from woodland trails to rocky terrain.


    Burrator Reservoir Circular:

    The Burrator Reservoir Circular walk covers approximately 4 miles, starting at the Burrator Reservoir.

    The route takes walkers around the shores of the reservoir, offering peaceful views of the water and its surroundings. Burrator Reservoir is a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), providing a habitat for diverse plant and birdlife.


    Teign Valley and Gidleigh Park:

    The Teign Valley and Gidleigh Park walk covers approximately 8 miles, starting at Castle Drogo.

    The trail follows the banks of the River Teign, meandering through the picturesque Teign Valley; a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

    The walk offers a glimpse into the charming village of Gidleigh and leads to Gidleigh Park, known for its mediaeval church and country house hotel.


    Great Mis Tor and Beckamoor Dip:

    The Great Mis Tor and Beckamoor Dip walk covers approximately 6 miles, beginning at the car park near the Merrivale Prehistoric Settlement.

    The trail takes hikers through the fascinating Merrivale area, featuring ancient stone rows, cairns, and a menhir. The route then ascends to the summit of Great Mis Tor (a popular spot for rock climbing enthusiasts), offering panoramic views across Dartmoor.


    Tavy Cleave and Ger Tor

    The Tavy Cleave and Ger Tor walk covers approximately 5 miles, beginning at Lane End car park.

    The trail guides hikers through the picturesque Tavy Cleave, a Site of Special Scientific Interest known for its unique geology and rare plant species.

    Crossing the Tavy River, the route leads to the prominent granite outcrop of Ger Tor, providing breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.


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